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Meet Dr Ranjit Mathew Elias, BDSc

Passionate Dental Care with an Artist’s Touch

Strathfield Dentist Dr Mathew Elias

Dr Elias has more than 15 years experience in dentistry

Growing up, Dr Elias had a love for art. He spent plenty of time sketching, painting and modelling. He even won a few competitions in school! As he grew older, artistry is what brought him towards the field of dentistry. After all, dentistry, too, is its own form of art. It requires great dexterity and hand-eye coordination apart from scientific knowledge.

Dedication to Educational Excellence

Dr Elias has 20 years experience in dentistry, having earned his BDSc in 1996. He completed his Australian Dental Council (ADC) examinations in Sydney in 2007, and then worked for Queensland Health at Rockhampton Base Hospital, Rockhampton, QLD and for a private practice at Yapoon, QLD.

On relocating to NSW, Dr Elias worked at a private practice in East Gosford, NSW, for a couple of years before joining a corporate insurance company as a dentist at Bondi Junction, Sydney, where he worked for about five years. Dr Elias started his own dental practice at Strathfield, a suburb in Sydney’s inner west region in July 2012.

Dr Elias completed his Masters in Public Health (MPH) at the University of Wollongong in 2007, and Graduate Certificate in Dentistry (GCert Dent) from the University of Adelaide in 2009. Apart from attending several continuing education courses each year, he has also completed an eighteen month course in Orthodontics for general dentists in 2011 from the University of Sydney.

He has used his extensive qualifications to widen his skills and knowledge in serving the needs of the Strathfield population, approaching dental care and the health care system from a different angle.

Dr Elias is a member of the Australian Dental Society and completes several CPD courses each year.

Providing Patients with Comfortable Care

As a family dental provider, Dr Elias loves interacting with people, and providing ultimate satisfaction up to the end of every treatment procedure.

It’s good to be complimented. I love it when people are comfortable, without any pain… letting me know at the end of the procedure that there wasn’t any discomfort at all.”

Away from the Office

In his free time, Dr Elias enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters. He plays both cricket and soccer when his schedule permits; however, sketching is still his hobby of choice!

We invite you to get to know Dr Elias! Contact us today to book your new patient appointment.