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Custom Orthodontic Work for All Ages

Unveil a Beautiful Smile at Smile ConfiDENTAL

At our practice, we strive to help patients achieve a beautiful smile that’s healthy, straight and functions exactly as it was meant to.

Dr Matthew Elias has decades of experience building perfect smiles that leave patients feeling confident. We’re proud to offer different orthodontic treatments, including traditional metal and ceramic braces as well as Invisalign clear aligners.

Traditional Metal and Ceramic Braces

Metal Braces StrathfieldA straighter smile has never been easier to achieve than with Smile ConfiDENTAL! Dr Elias works with both adolescent and adult patients who have severe bite problems and/or teeth crowding. For these patients, traditional metal or ceramic braces are often recommended—a course of treatment being roughly 18-24 months.

To begin, we invite patients in for an initial appointment where we’ll be able to examine your mouth and determine what the best course of treatment will be for you. We’ll allow you to ask any questions you might have—we encourage you to do so! We’ll also take X-rays of your mouth and invite you back for a follow up appointment to go over your results.

On your second visit, we’ll discuss our recommendations for you. If you’d like to begin, care can start immediately.

Our team aims to be as transparent as possible during your time with us. We’ll lay out the cost of your care plan for you in full so there are zero surprises.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign StrathfieldWant to improve your smile without your friends or co-workers noticing?

With Invisalign clear aligners, you can do exactly that. Dr Elias is specially trained to craft your treatment plan, which will involve an initial consultation to determine whether or not you are a candidate. Patients with minimal crowding are often ideal Invisalign patients. If it’s determined that this treatment is ideal for you, we can begin straightaway.

Invisalign treatment involves the use of clear aligners moulded perfectly to your teeth. Throughout the course of care, you’ll get a new aligner every 4-8 weeks, each working in conjunction with the next to straighten teeth and correct your bite.

The best part about Invisalign? You’re free to remove your aligners when you need to eat. Their clear nature also makes them much more discreet than traditional metal braces.

Discover How We Can Help

Ready to learn more about orthodontic treatment in Strathfield? We’d love to speak with you today. Contact us to get your initial consultation scheduled—we look forward to welcoming you to our practice!